Record-High Prison Numbers Sparking Violence

Canada’s prison population has reached an all-time high , with more inmates sharing cells designed for one, a situation that has raised tensions and led to growing violence, Canada’s correctional investigator says. Howard Sapers, an ombudsman for inmates, presented the latest figures during a weekend national symposium on prison overcrowding in Ottawa that drew about

Treating Instead of Punishing Illness – A Good Change

? Some researchers estimate the rate of FASD to be 10 times higher inside Canadian prisons than in the general population. - John Howard Society fact sheet ? The Public Health Agency of Canada asserts that there is no known safe time or amount to drink when pregnant. I like change. It's interesting. Often it's

Older Workers Can Still Chase Ideal Career With Job Gym’s Help

Sue Cardamone, of the Welland Job Gym at 225 East Main St., provides counselling, workshops and one-on-one support to adults aged 55 to 64 entering into a second career. WELLAND - It’s never too late to pursue a dream job. With a little help from the Job Gym, that pursuit is made easier for

Chinese Firm Investing $25 Million in Thorold

Niagara This Week - St. Catharines Up to 250 good-paying jobs could be created at a former auto parts plant in Thorold, with a Chinese firm announcing on Tuesday it will invest $25 million into a new facility to manufacture towers for wind energy turbines. TSP Canada Towers Inc., a joint venture between Shanghai Taisheng

Niagara’s Crime Rate Still Dropping

NIAGARA REGION - We may be growing out of crime. That’s what some are speculating might be behind a decline in the number of crimes reported in Niagara in 2011. Statistics Canada found the number of crimes reported in the St. Catharines-Niagara census metro area dropped 12.5% compared to 2010. In both adult and youth

John Howard Society Ready to Help Run Toronto Jail Libraries for Prisoners

The Ontario ministry that runs Toronto West and Toronto East detention centres said Friday it will talk to the John Howard Society about helping to run jail libraries for inmates. A shortage of volunteers has meant prisoners at the two provincial jails have been able to get library books only sporadically for years. Toronto East

Big Plans Ahead for Mental Health Care

For the first time in seven years, the Niagara Health System has a psychiatrist to head up its mental health and addictions program. The NHS has been hunting for a psychiatrist since 2005, and on Wednesday it announced Dr. Edgardo Perez, who has worked in both the private and public health care sectors, will assume

8 Sneaky Signs Your Child’s Being Bullied

Your child would tell you if he's being bullied, right? Maybe not. "It's painful to say, 'I'm being targeted,'" says Cynthia Lowen, producer and writer of the documentary film, Bully, and co-author of the forthcoming book The Essential Guide to Bullying. While there's more bullying awareness than ever (who hasn't heard about the bullied bus

Kids With Behavior Problems, Disabilities Bullied More, More Likely to Bully Others

Students receiving special-education services for behavioral disorders and those with more obvious disabilities are more likely to be bullied than their general-education counterparts -- and are also more likely to bully other students, a new study shows. The findings, published in the Journal of School Psychology, highlight the complexity of bullying's nature and the challenges