Who should attend this program?

If you or someone you know struggles with the following effects of substance abuse:
– Broken & strained relationships
– Financial issues
– Conflict & Violence
– Employment issues
– Trouble with the law
– Personal problems
– Health concerns
– Housing struggles

Please join us for insight, tools and support to make a positive change in your life!

Program Goals

Learn to:

  • Discuss and explore real life situations unique to you
  • use positive coping mechanisms
  • use appropriate communication styles
  • identify why people use substances

Learn through:

  • Activities
  • Video clips
  • Open discussion
  • Power point
  • Personal examples

Program Description

The Substance Awareness Program is an evidence-informed 10 week psycho-educational CBT based program. It runs weekly for 10 one hour sessions in a closed, confidential group environment. Self-referrals are welcome.

Week 1: Introduction
Week 2: Types of Substances & Their Effects
Week 3: Why do People Use/Introduction to CBT
Week 4: Risk VS Reward/Decisional Balancing
Week 5: Naloxone Training/Partner Presentation
Week 6: Impacts of Use on the Individual
Week 7: Impacts of Use on Family & Friends
Week 8: Stages of Change/Identifying Triggers
Week 9: Recovery Planning
Week 10: Relapse Prevention & Resources


  • Attend weekly
  • Attend on time
  • Participate to your fullest ability
  • Respect the confidentiality of other members in the group
  • Respect yourself and members of the group
  • To attend the program without the company of an intimate partner or friend, as it promotes a more open and honest conversation within the group

Certificate provided after successful completion of the program

Program fee: $150*


For more information contact Gabriella Levinski, Justice Services Volunteer Coordinator – 905.682.2657, ext. 260