The Non-Residential Attendance Centre (NRAC) is a community-based program, funded by the Ministry of Child and Youth Services. This program focuses on the reintegration and rehabilitation of young people, ages 12-17, who have come into conflict with the youth criminal justice system.

A youth may be referred through an order from youth court, a probation order or as a condition on an already existing probation order. An Attendance Counselor is assigned to each youth to ensure the implementation of the case management plan.

JHS Niagara strives to empower youth enrolled in the Attendance Centre to become positive, contributing members of the Niagara Region. Staff members create a safe, non-judgmental environment for youth wherein they may explore alternative behaviours. Staff role model pro-social behaviours when interacting with the youth and their peers, which begins to form the framework needed to build respectful, trusting rapports.

The NRAC service delivery model uses a cognitive-behavioral approach that focuses on the perceptions and thoughts of youth; and how those thoughts can translate into negative behavior in the community. NRAC offers flexible programming, permitting the unique needs and abilities of each participant to be taken into consideration. In certain instances, individual or group instruction may be beneficial and can be arranged. Age and gender are also taken into account during the case management planning phase.

Cognitive Programs

Cognitive Skills – Designed to assist young people to learn to make responsible choices by highlighting the link between their thinking patterns and their irresponsible behaviors. Emphasis is placed on the development of strategies that can begin to change those patterns

Anger Management – Provides an understanding of anger as an emotion and teaches effective anger management techniques

Life Skills – Assists youth in developing practical experience and resources to respond productively to day-to-day challenges

Anti–Criminogenic Thinking – Aims to increase awareness of the different forums and levels of violence and to encourage youth to consider the impact violence has on everyone in the community

Substance Abuse – Education and accurate information is presented in an effort to motivate youth towards self-assessment and inspire positive change

Girls Group – Information and guidance for young women geared to address the many unique challenges they may encounter in their lives

Victim Awareness – Provides individuals with an understanding that every type of criminal activity has a subsequent impact on each person involved

Guys Group – Examines what it means to be a man in today’s society by exploring issues that can arise due to family, friends, relationships and/or gang involvement

Female Bullying – Provides young women with an opportunity to understand the vast impact bullying has on all those who are involved

In addition to cognitive-based programs, we also offer:

Literacy and Tutoring – To meet the individual needs of youth through educational activities and tutoring. Our sites have dedicated study areas; complete with computer labs, internet and printer access

Employment – Connects youth with a Job Gym Employment Counselor who can assist with effective job searching

Healthy Eating – Having recognized a direct link between good nutrition and cognitive performance, we provide a light, nutritious meal each evening of operation. Youth are included in the meal preparation, further reinforcing the practicality and use of the newly learned life skills.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Thursday: 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Fridays: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

The Attendance Centre also provides transportation for program participants, when needed.