Each Christmas the John Howard Society of Niagara participates an “Adopt-A-Family” program. The families who we feel are most in need are selected from the ‘Strengthening Families for the Future program’. The parent is asked if they would like to participate. When they agree they supply us with sizes of the children as well as wish lists and interests of the kids. Through numerous community partnerships, the John Howard Society of Niagara is able to add more families to this initiative.

This holiday season The John Howard Society of Niagara was fortunate enough to partner with The Niagara Peninsula Foundation for Children and Old Navy. These organizations have been generous contributors within this program through monetary donations and gifts for all of the families in need. Within this process, the Old Navy group worked together to purchase gifts, clothing and goods for each individual in the sponsored family.

Furthermore, the Niagara Peninsula Foundation for Children graciously donated money to sponsor one of the larger families in the program. Staff from both the Foundation and The John Howard Society went shopping for the family; rounding up clothes, toys and Christmas Dinner treats. Once these gifts were purchased, staff wrapped and delivered the gifts to the families homes, which were then hidden away until Christmas morning.

All in all this Christmas season was a success for The John Howard Society of Niagara, our partners, and the sponsored families. We look forward to next year!