Education is one of the cornerstones of the John Howard Society of Niagara’s work.

Expanding the reach of educational services in our community offers an exciting opportunity for growth for JHS Niagara.  Initiatives that target youth and other community members in need of assistance remain a critical part of our resource investments.

Programs offered through our Education division include:

Project R.E.W.I.N.D (Restoring Events With Integrity, Negotiation & Dignity)

Program participants attend a restorative conference where those affected by an incident are able to safely respond to it.

R.I.S.E Program (Reducing Incidents of Suspension and Expulsion)

A safe environment is ensured so student participants can learn and develop skills in three key areas: Academics, Life Skills and Physical Education.

Canada-Ontario Job Grant

It provides an opportunity for employers to invest in their workforce, with assistance from the government. Click here to read more…

Summer Jobs Service

SJS is funded by the Government of Ontario and provides students with work experience during the summer months with a $2/hour wage subsidy per student hired and minimal paperwork. Post your jobs on our website free of charge. Click here to read more…


A 4 week program providing individuals receiving Ontario Works support with an intensive series of workshops and in-class training to develop employability skills. Click here to read more…
Please see our Programs section for more detailed program descriptions.

Strengthening Families for the Future

A prevention program for families with children between the ages of 7 and 11 who may be at risk for substance misuse, depression, violence, delinquency and school failure. Strengthening Families is effective because it involves the whole family. The goals of the program are to:reduce children’s or adolescents’ intention to use alcohol and/or other drugs, reduce other behaviour problems, increase children’s resilience and life skills, increase positive and effective parenting, and to increase family communication.