“If you really wanna better yourself this is the place to be.” – NRAC Client

“I like PTA (Project Turning Around) because it helped me learn skills and gain knowledge I might need later in life. At times, things went slow but it wasn’t boring. I would recommend it to someone who was struggling and needed help because it’s easy as well as enjoyable. (PTA counselors) Mike and Melissa were great teachers because they didn’t just focus on work and kept the subjects interesting. PTA helped me by teaching me important things to know, what to do when certain things happen and it showed me that I don’t always have to keep my ideas to myself.” – Former Program Participant

“I really enjoyed the program and got very useful information out of it all.” – NRAC Client

“Love the people, made me a better person. Thank you!” – NRAC Client

“I like this program because it’s just a small class with only like 10 people. The people here are nice, I’ve made new friends, and I’m not so shy anymore. This program has helped me with being able to go back into high school and complete my education. I need to be able to find a good job in life. In each and every topic that was spoken, I learned something new every day. After this class ends this semester, I’ll be sad kind of because this class is perfect. PTA (Project Turning Around) has helped me in so many different ways.” – Former Program Participant

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